Removing barriers to energy efficiency in municipal heat and hot water supply

UNDP Project Document

Government of Kazakhstan
United Nations Development Programme
Global Environment Facility
PIMS 1281
Atlas Award: 00044007
Atlas Project ID: 00051578


The objective of the project is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the municipal heat and hot water supply systems in Kazakhstan and to lay the foundation for the sustainable development of these services taking into account local as well as global environmental considerations. Within this framework, the project will 
  • assist the Government of Kazakhstan in reviewing and improving the legal and regulatory framework dealing with the heat and hot water supply sector, with a specific emphasis on the tariff issues and consumption based billing to motivate energy efficiency;
  • build the capacity of the local heat supply companies to develop and manage their services on a commercial basis and to attract financing for the investments needed; 
  • build the capacity of the local tenants and home owner associations to manage the heat and hot water supply services and to implement cost-efficient energy saving measures at the building level;
  • introduce and gain experience on new institutional and financing arrangements such as Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and reduce the risks and uncertainties of energy efficiency investments in the heating sector otherwise by facilitating the implementation of selected pilot activities, and
  • monitor, evaluate and disseminate the project results and lessons learnt thereby facilitating their effective replication.