Removing barriers to energy efficiency in municipal heat and hot water supply



Lecture on energy saving issues

With joint efforts of three UNDP/GEF projects, there was held information lecture on theme “Energy saving and energy audit”. Workshop was organized for heads of facilities administration of the RK Parliament. The listeners were presented information on up to date heat management systems, their advantages, and successful experience of old equipment replacement on several objects. According to project partner A.Yentin, heat energy saving accounted for 10-30% thanks to modern equipment installation that irrevocably affected comfortable living, utility payments and quantity of GHGs emissions. Currently, in cooperation with international partners from Denmark and Germany there has been established an assembly of advanced block type heating points.

UNDP/GEF project expert on energy efficient lighting, L.Teplovodskaya acquainted listeners with the most recent lighting technologies that provide not only higher quality lighting but economic (up to 75%) energy demand. UNDP/GEF project expert on energy efficient design and construction of residential buildings, Damir Temralinov, informed about introduction of energy efficient technologies and performance of energy audit in buildings.

Due to professional necessity, the listeners showed interest to the lecture on energy saving issues, energy audit and formulated a wish of joint cooperation.