Removing barriers to energy efficiency in municipal heat and hot water supply




“Removing barriers to energy efficiency in municipal heat and hot water supply” UNDP/GEF project was presented on briefing of ALE “Kazakhstan Association of hi-tech, energy efficient and innovative companies” (KAHTEEIC) on activity results for 2012. 
ALE “KAHTEEIC” was established with UNDP/GEF assistance in 2011. Main trends of KAHTEEIC activity are stimulation of ecologic design and construction culture, introduction of standards for passive buildings-“eco houses”, improvement of professional and engineer maintenance level for residential, administrative and industrial buildings to international standards.
During 2012, KAHTEEIC together with UNDP/GEF projects and other partners held four research and practice conferences in Astana and Almaty on energy efficiency issues, explanation of the Law “About energy saving”. Assistance had been provided to implementation of pilot projects on construction and reconstruction of first energy efficient houses of Astana, Almaty and Karaganda.
National manager of UNDP/GEF project spoke at briefing. According to the expert, deterioration of municipal infrastructure on different networks achieved 65-73%, heat energy losses in Kazakhstan cities amounted to almost 70%, and buildings consumed 2-3 times more heat than in Europe. In connection with it, energy saving issues became burning. Notably, energy saving measures had to be performed in a full chain starting from stage of heat generation to consumption by final user. UNDP/GEF project had implemented several demo projects in residential houses of Kazakhstan cities and proved that installation of up to date equipment with automated heat consumption system allowed reduction of utility payments up to 30%.