Energy efficient design and construction of residential buildings

Проектный документ

Project document

A brief description

The Republic of Kazakhstan (RК) Economy is on the seventh place on Carbon Pollution, emitting approximately 1200 tons of CO2 equivalent per one million US dollars of the output products while the global average indicator amounts to approximately 500 tons of CO2 equivalent per one million US dollars of the output products. The national energy (power) sector is a source of 80 % of all emissions of which 90 % is being released by the heat and electric energy (power) production sector. Buildings, first of all ones of housing sector, consume 13.5 % of the electric energy and 24 % of the thermal energy; the housing sector is the third largest consumer of the electric and thermal energy in Kazakhstan after the energy and industrial sectors. The official forecasts and development priorities declare the housing sector’s - of which new buildings make up 97 % - fast growth.

Taking into consideration official forecasts and priorities of development of housing sector, an energy efficiency increase acquires the status of a national strategic priority in Kazakhstan. «The Energy Efficient Designing and Construction of Residential Buildings» Project global goal is a reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by Kazakhstani housing sector.

The Project’s main objective is a reduction of greenhouse gases emissions from new residential buildings by means of introduction of new methods and change of markets in Kazakhstani housing sector for ensuring the more power efficient designing and construction. The proposed project includes four components, each of which is aimed at the solution of specific problems with the participation of certain target groups:

  • a preparation of energy efficiency norms, standards and labelling of buildings; 
  • an expansion of production and certification of the energy efficient building materials and goods; 
  • education and informing with the view of an advancement of energy efficient designing and energy efficient technologies use; 
  • demonstration projects on an energy efficient designing and construction.