Energy efficient design and construction of residential buildings


The Project Management Committee (PMC) is the main co-ordinating body which supervises the project’s implementation in respect of tasks fulfilment and results achievement.

PMC Structure is formed with the concurrence of UNDP and national partners. PMC members list includes representatives of interested parties for ensuring the substantial and financial support to the project implementation.


  • A general monitoring and control of corresponding execution of the project activities;
  • A coordination of the project activities in compliance with changing external conditions;
  • Approval of any changes introduced into the project document, arisen because of the unforeseen reasons, after the careful analysis and discussion of possibilities of the emerging problems solution.

Турушова Дарбала

Тurushova Daribala Aqyltayevna

The National Project Director

The RK Agency on Construction, Housing and Utilities Services Affairs Architecture, Design Works and Estimation Norms’ Department Director.

The National Project Director Duties:

  • Assure coordination between project activities and other governmental activities, as well as incentives related to the project.
  • Provide other types of support to assure successful implementation of the project and further activities, including the sustainability and dissemination of the results.