Energy efficient design and construction of residential buildings

A passive house

A passive house is a building consuming so small power volumes on heating that a separate heating system becomes unnecessary there in the building.

The maximum admissible annual thermal energy specific consumption on a building heating, concerning a living space, should constitute15 kWh/ (м² per year).

A passive house requirements:

  • A high level of a heat insulation alongside of all .contours of a building (a heat transfer coefficient is at the level no more than 0.15 W/m²K).
  • Heat-insulated window frames with a threefold heat-saving glass cover and filling of interglass space with a noble gas with a heat transfer coefficient of window UW < 0.8 W/(м²K).
  • Building envelopes without thermal bridges.
  • An air-proof building envelope.
  • КComfortable controllable (influx-and-extract) ventilation with highly efficient heat recuperation and moisture return, a heat recuperation level > 75%.
  • The Southern direction of the Basic Facade (a maximum deviation ±30°) and the big window openings looking onto the South.
  • A compactness of a form of the building (as far as possible without prominent structures)*.

*Wolfgang Feist. «The Basic Provisions on the Passive Houses Designing».