Energy efficient design and construction of residential buildings


A presentation of power and environmental game for schoolchildren has been arranged there in Astana

The «Become energy efficient» educational power-environmental game for schoolchildren presentation has been held there at the Republican Palace of Schoolchildren in Astana  on December 23. The game has been prepared  in the framework of implementation of the UNDP/GEF and RK Government projects on energy efficiency in housing and utilities services and construction.    
A careful and economic attitude towards use of energy resources is of great importance for each person, each family, the entire nation and future generations. Answering questions, game teaches schoolchildren to think and reflect on energy efficiency in everyday life at home, school, to learn the environment preservation and energy-savings rules. Some recommendations will be useful also for adults too in order to reduce a power consumption at home – therefore  accordingly - and payments for energy. "The Eko" and  «the Newton's Apple» two teams of players were heading towards finish side by side, answering energy-ecological questions, the latter have been difficult ones at times, requiring a good knowledge on Physics, Geography, Biology and other school subjects. The friendship has won! Both teams have simultaneously come to the finish. Various souvenirs from the  UNDP in Kazakhstan and also booklets about energy-savings have been presented to  participants.
The «Become energy efficient» educational game will be published in "the Ai-Bala" magazine in the near future» and all interested persons will be able to play it, having raised level of their own  knowledge on energy efficiency and preservation of the environment.