Energy efficient design and construction of residential buildings


They will start train Managers on Power Engineering for housing and utilities services and construction spheres at "the Turan-Energo" resource centre

"The Turan-energo" resource centre has been opened on the basis of the "Turan-profi" municipal economy college in Astana. It has been founded with the assistance of the UNDP in  Kazakhstan in the framework of «the Energy Efficient Design and Construction of Residential Buildings»  UNDP/GEF and RK Government Joint Project implementation.
«On the basis of the centre they will start train up future specialists in new professions in construction, housing and utilities services’ spheres like Managers on Power Engineering, the Energy Auditor, these are vocations of the future. The fact is that exactly in these sectors there is deficit in qualified experts who would take care of economy of the electric power, heat, water resources. I think, the Centre will make own contribution to the EXPO-2017 too,» a head of the   UNDP/GEF and RK Government’s  Energy Efficiency projects Alexander Belyi has said at the opening ceremony.    
All kinds of experiences acquired during the UNDP/GEF projects on energy efficiency in construction and housing and utilities services projects’ implementation is presented there at the resource centre.  
They will provide there  at "the Turan-energo" courses on an advanced professional training for housing and utilities services and construction companies’ employees, organise lectures on energy savings for students and schoolchildren, people will gain a new knowledge on energy savings in everyday life at home. The Centre has plan as to founding the system of distant learning and dissemination of knowledge on energy-savings technologies and green economy among people at large.