Energy efficient design and construction of residential buildings


The Heads of diplomatic missions and international organisations paid a visit to a new energy efficient residential building in Karaganda

The heads of diplomatic missions and international organisations paid a visit to a new energy efficient  residential building built in the framework of   the state-financed construction  in Karaganda City located at 106/6  Ermekov Street in December 2013.
The building has been designed by Belarus leading NIPTIS Scientific Research Institute named after Ataev experts.
It is supposed that the design and technological concept  proposed for use in this project will be  maximally  energy efficient.  E.g., a design concept  regarding building’s power consumption will take into consideration  climatic conditions of its subsequent maintenance, ventilation and heating systems will make it possible to program a ventilation mode and air temperature in compliance with flats inhabitants’ desires, eventually, leading to the building’s power consumption reduction and raising the level of its ecological compatibility.
In compliance with calculations of experts a rise in the project cost caused by measures aimed at energy efficiency increase will amount to 10 %, at the same time the cost savings resulting from  measures on energy efficiency  increase will amount to 30 %.    
Besides, the “Promotion of Energy-Efficient Lighting in Kazakhstan” UNDP/GEF Project has taken part in the energy efficient  residential building pilot project in Karaganda, viz the Project has modernized  a lighting system having installed light-emitting diode (LED) technologies in lieu of an old lighting system.  The installation has been carried out in common places of the building (entrances, stairs’ flights, passageways).  In compliance with experts’ projections the electric power saving will amount to 56 MW/h a year.
The RK Government /UNDP/GEF project will monitor a decrease in the building’s energy intensity and greenhouse gases emissions reduction in the future.
At present there are all favourable conditions for the energy efficiency of buildings’ large-scale introduction in the entire Republic of Kazakhstan territory.