Removing barriers to energy efficiency in municipal heat and hot water supply



Kazakhstan mayors’ offices to have a position of the power manager

In Kazakhstan cities and regions mayors offices will create a position of the power manager, UNDP project manager on an energy efficiency in a municipal heat supply Alexander Bely said during the round table “Elimination of barriers to increase power efficiency of a municipal heat supply”, correspondent reports.

“To solve an energy saving problem, it is necessary to adjust in the cities normal process of energy saving, and it can be done at the expense of power management introduction. The comprehensive plan approved by Kazakhstan government at the end of last year, orders to enter positions of the power manager in each region, and it means that it is necessary to know precisely what kind of responsibilities they will have, by what documents should they be guided as it is necessary to monitor power efficiency process. We invited experts from Ukraine and EU which deal with this problem in the Post-Soviet countries,” Alexander Belov said.