Removing barriers to energy efficiency in municipal heat and hot water supply



Home, my sweat home…

Modernization of public utilities followed by energy saving introduction
Further an order of the President the Government accepted a unique program which shall for five to ten years help to renew deteriorating residential properties. That is why the state program for housing infrastructure modernization in Karaganda region foresees KZT 180 millions. This amount shall cover overhaul and termomodernization of ten multi-apartment houses in Karaganda, Temirtau, Saran and Satpayev.

For today a half from the money provided, KZT90,5 million, is used to repair roof, domestic nets, staircases and to improve the adjusting area. A sample may be one house where the works are in progress now. House No.9 at Abdirov avenue built 50 years ago surprises by its warm porches once entered meanwhile there is a height of winter and strong frost. You won’t see any radiators along the walls or under the windows. How it can be?

As it turned out the staircases are warm thanks to special airlock and double doors. Besides the builders left some gaps through which the warm air comes from the cellar where the installed the heating unit. The cellar by the way is a feast for the eyes. And as tenants told it differed completely before: it was flooded and a stink came for the cellar to flats through ventilation gaps. Those problems were endless. They seemed hardly possible to be fixed.

The state undertook to fix that problem. Today it looks different. The cellar is dry and clean and shall stay as such because automated heating unit and local water heating systems have been put in. Those resulted meanwhile in different cost of utilities for their consumers. As one of the tenants Svetlana Letuchaya said the bill for the heating in November was less than usually. Equipment of automated unit regulates heat supply to the flats itself. If the weather gets colder it works with higher capacity and once it gets warmer the capacity gets lower. Savings of expense for electricity is obvious too: movement sensors were installed at all staircases. The light switches in automatically once a man enters the porch and is off when there is no one.

Moreover the hot water supplied to the flats has got better and hundred tenge cheaper. After adding up the costs you may find that it is rather profitable to have local water heating system than standard electric boiler. The system heats piped water up to 70 degrees in the night time at special and materially cheaper price. This clean and hot water is suitable even for cooking.

— Local water heating units are compulsory for further development of housing infrastructure, — Mukhtar Dardanbayev, Deputy Director of Monolit XXI Ltd comments. — The overhaul of this house took only two months. The financing in amount of KZT 22 million was sourced by Sary Arka SPK. This money is in fact an interest-free loan to the tenants to be repaid during seven years given the housing aid provided.

Besides the state is supporting the project as possible. There are 128 flats in this house where 64 are single-room and almost all of them are subject to provisions of housing aid.
By the way not only the state is funding the measures for energy efficiency. International organizations are investing too, like UNDP for instance. Certainly many elements improving the housing while reforming housing infrastructure are available for those property owners whose condominiums work properly. For example this local water heating system costs KZT 4 million. If this amount is divided by 128 flats it shall cost KZT 30,000 per each. Repayment amount during seven years shall be nominal.

In one house taken as an example the problem of low cold water was also eliminated. They did not wish to install a usual pump what would result yet in low water pressure for the other houses. Quite simple decision was suggested by the engineers of Ergonomika. Twelve plastic tanks with capacity of twelve tons from local manufacturer Kazplast were installed in the cellar. Water fills them up in the night time and afterwards is smoothly pumped to the apartments.

Modernization has the given lots of advantages to us getting meanwhile more supported by the citizens of Karaganda.

Nataliya Ryzhkova